My name is Enikő Dorogi, I'm a product manager and freelance photographer living in Budapest, Hungary.

I have always been drawn to strong images in movies, those that stuck in your mind, like the picturesque works of Almodóvar, Kubrick, Wes Anderson or Tóth Janó (Szindbád, Szerelem).

Storytelling for me started with the making of short videos with my friend until I found my way to compress stories into single images. My passion naturally transformed into photography with my travels. As I walk the streets I have an endless curiosity to discover new places and to discover the fresh in the ordinary. I’m an observer. 

Photography Education:

2007-2008: Szellemkép Photography School - Short film course

2020-2021: Corvinus - Photography training providing qualification listed in the National Qualification Register


2019 - Planket, Gothenburg, Sweden

2020 - Selected for the Women Street Photographers Virtual Exhibition

2021 - 2nd place, Martin Parr Foundation competition, theme: Openness 2021

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